Eng. Ami Elazari- CEO & President
Mr. Elazari is the Founder, CEO and President of Millennium Electric T.O.U. Ltd.  He has completed his Executive MBA degree with excellence, with a specialty in Economics and Marketing. He is an energy, computer and communications engineer and is also a renowned world expert on solar energy. He has many registered International Patents in the field of solar energy.
Mr. Elazari has over 30 years of management experience and has completed large solar projects around the world including in Somalia, the United States, Italy, Germany and Singapore. He is involved as partner and coordinator in over 8 European Commission projects world-wide with an estimated overall value of €4 million Euro.
Mr. Elazari served as Director and Board Member of UCSY since August 2003.​

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Mr. Azriel Gonen – Director

Mr. Gonen is the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Millennium Electric Ltd. He served as Vice President of Clal Industries and Investments,  the largest company in the industry in Israel. He represented and served as Director in several of Clal's companies such as Kitan, Sunfrost and America-Israel Paper Mills. He later served as Founder and General Manager of Tango Ltd. which received the license for Levi's Jeans and had a turnover of about $70 million dollars in today's terms.
Subsequently, Mr. Gonen served as President of Kitan Consolidated Ltd. and was the active Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tango Ltd. Kitan was a public company with a turnover of approximately $200 million dollars in today's terms and employed about 2,500 workers. He also served as Executive Vice President for Clal Industries & Investments and Chairman of the Board Directors of Polgat-Bagir, Golf-Kitan Group and MTRE.
Currently, Mr. Gonen serves as a business consultant and as Chairman of the Board of Directors of several companies. He holds a B.A. in Economics and Statistics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Mr. Shlomo Peretz – Director

Mr. Peretz serves as a Director of Millennium Electric Ltd. He served as team leader & coordinator for the budget department in the Ministry of Finance, national marketing manager for Egged Buses managing 120 workers in 15 Egged branches throughout Israel and was the head of the commerce department for the Train and Port Authority.
He was also a director in "Team", a subsidiary and joint company of the Port & Train Authority and Zim Industries. Currently, Mr. Peretz is the Founder and General Manager of RPLM, a privately held company that deals with promotion of real estate, communication and infrastructure projects in Israel and abroad.
Mr. Peretz holds a B.A. and an MBA from HebrewUniversity in Jerusalem.

Mr. Harel Nahmani- COO

Mr. Nahmani is the Operations Manager of the company. He holds a BA in general business and an MA in International Business with specialty in Entrepreneurship & Innovation. He has 10 years of experience in operation and management of international projects.

Amongst Mr. Nahmani's responsibilities are connections with Millennium's partners around the world and overseeing operation of the EU R&D projects

Ms. Amit Elazari – Technical Manager
Ms. Elazari is the Technical Manager of the firm. She has over 6 years experience as an electronic and system communications technician.
Her experience includes training on the job with Motorola Israel and two years in the special electronic communication battalion of the IDF.
She is responsible for providing technical solutions, negotiations with relevant suppliers, design of technical documents and end-customer contacts.

Mr. Ben-Zion Shiftan - Lawyer, Legal Advisor
During Mr. Shiftan's 24 year legal career, he has been involved in numerous M&A, IPO and private placement transactions for Israeli high-tech companies.
His experience also includes commercial and residential real estate transactions on a very large scale.

In 2002, he co-founded Traceguard (NASDAQ: TCGD). Mr. Shiftan is a graduate of the Law Faculty of the Hebrew University and has been a member of The Israeli Bar Association since 1984​

Eng. Jack Cooper Projects Manager
Eng. Jack Cooper is one of Millennium's Projects Manager. Mr. Cooper has professional experience in design and development of systems and equipment.
 He has 20 years of experience as a senior engineer in a variety of companies all around the world and a M.B.A. from Adelphi University, Long Island, N.Y ​

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