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Improve your Solar System Return-on-Investment!

We offer innovative yet cost effective solar solutions: Integrating photovoltaics with thermal solar elements, forming comprehensive renewable energy systems, managing electricity, human ecosystems, energy storage, grid or off-grid applications.

Photovoltaic elements are our commodities: we manipulate, integrate and push it to its limits. We reach places no one has ever dared. We achieve utilization and efficiency no one has ever attained. No one comes close to achieving the highest Return-on-Investment we offer.

Innovation is where we start, practical approach and careful design is the heart of our existence and long term relations is what we target.

Millennium Electric is a manufacturer and world leader in the field of PV and PVT solar technologies. The company has installed about 26MW worldwide and has a capacity of 300 megawatt for manufacturing PV Mono/Poly crystalline panels of high efficiency.

we invites you to come and  Share our vision,True visionaires, Investors and Partners are more than welcome  remember

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Millennium PVT & PV

Millennium's panels were published in Photon Magazine, the leading magazine of the! photovoltaic industry The models that Millennium can be recognized by their high efficiency!​

"It's all about PVT Solar"

Millennium Electric is now selling a variety of solar panels of it own production at very competitive prices for more information please contact Millennium at info@millenniumsolar.com or +972-9-7439490 click to here to see Millemmium's Panels...​

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Two New Millennium MSS PVT Power Stations Producing Both Electricity (up to 30% more then usual PV, due to the cooling effect) and Thermal Energy (Hot water for the Kibbutzim use)​

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The Largest PVT (water) Power Station in the World​

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More Information about the world's most efficient solar energy technology- the MSS Co-Generation​

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Click Here to see Millennium Electric New PVT MSS Power Station In Maggan Michael!​

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Click Here to see Millennium Electric New PVT MSS Power Station In Yakom!​

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Millennium Electric on The PV Production World Map:
Millennium's 300-400 MWp Production Capacity  was published in the
PV Production World Map of Sun And Wind Magazine! one of the
Leading magazines of the Photovoltaic industry​

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Millennium Electric T.O.U. Ltd.


11 Hasadna St.
Raanana Industrial Zone
P.O. Box 2646
Israel 43650
Tel:  +972 9 7439490
Fax: +972 9 7453654
Email: info@millenniumsolar.com​

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